A San Francisco Legacy Business, IXIA is a full-service flower company creating bespoke, one-of-a-kind, flower arrangements. Experiencing an IXIA arrangement is a journey into the sublime, known for it’s branches, tree trunks and driftwood, each arrangement is designed to surround you and appeal to your senses. Mosses, stones, succulents, pods and other forms borrowed from nature create a palette of texture. And wherever you look, you see tradition blend with innovation, in designs that range from fresh takes on the familiar to the artfully exotic. For over 35 years, IXIA has been creating sculptural floral arrangements that reflect the wonder of the natural world. Our passion is evident in everything we create, from the smallest arrangement to the largest installation, and in art pieces that last an evening or a decade. Come and explore our work, here or in our shop in San Francisco.

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“A place that gave me a lot of pleasure in San Francisco is called IXIA -- Every single week they sent over arrangements that were perfectly suited to my style and taste.”
-Ashley Judd

“I was showing him [The King of Spain] the pictures in the gallery, but his attention seemed to focus mainly on your arrangements.”
- Former Director of Museums, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

"IXIA is not your typical flower shop. Sure, there are a few hothouse blooms lined up against the wall - lavender roses, yellow tulips - but the arrangements here are far more than bouquets from the fridge: they’re sculptures that come from the earth."
- Sara Bernard, The Bold Italic

“Even the common arrangement is constructed in a process that lies somewhere between architecture and sculpture.”
- Sam Whiting, SFGATE

“Incredibly imaginative.”
-Pat Steger, San Francisco Chronicle

“This window display in San Francisco, it seems, can bring even the non-stoned to a standstill, forcing them to experience a moment of sublime, uncomprehending fascination.”
-SF Weekly

“Their combination of unusual types of flowers, barks, and mosses are very inspired, unexpected, and dynamic.”
-Ed Hardy, SF Focus